• Spring is here.. at least in the yarn world!

    Spring!! A season of busyness begins in the yarn world. Granted it is still a bit curtailed by the Covid, but you can still feel it coming....Shows, Yarn Crawls, Yarn Clubs, KAL's, new colors....all very exciting!!!
  • Hand Dyed yarn - things to consider when you plan and purchase...

    Why do my 2 skeins of the same colorway look different? How do I knit a project with hand dyed yarn if the yarn isn't all identical? Why is the yarn not in dye lots like commercial yarns? Ever wondered about these things? Read my blog to find out answers.
  • Back to brown and grey....weather I mean...which has translated into loads of new yarn colors.

    Well, the snow has melted and we are back to browns, greys and rusts...which has had a strange effect on me.. Now that we are back to our non-frozen, woodsy smelling drab browns and greys Ozark Winter, I am much happier. I feel perky and creative again.
    So Perky and Creative means new yarn. ...
  • Snowstorm!!! The perfect Knitting weather!!

    What a week this was!!! It was ice, followed by 2 winter snowstorms and record cold temperatures. This proved to be challenging for a yarn business. We were told to conserve electricity and there were rolling blackouts because of the huge usage of power. Mailing was also slowed way down. Maybe this was exactly what the doctor ordered...
  • Ever have one of those weeks???

    Ever have one of those weeks when everything was going poorly and the more you decide that, the worse it got? It has not helped that it has been very cold and dark. This has been hard to take. We've had ice, freezing cold temperatures and a snowstorm is coming. It live in the South. Give me 90 degrees and a tornado or two and I'm fine. This cold and ice is ick!!!
    I feel downright depressed... I need a bit of 'treatment'.....
  • Spring has come to The Wooly Cabin...a little early?

    So I'm detecting a theme in my dyeing. I'm heading toward spring I think. It started with 'Little Town on the Prairie' yarn. ...The yarn appears fairly Spring looking. That started it off. Then there were mini skeins to match, semi-solids are being planned, Valentine yarns looking all light and fresh, and another Spring sort of yarn burst from the dye post...Spring has begun.
  • Little House Sock KAL's are a dream come true...but what's next?

    There's nothing like a KAL. A bunch of knitters together excited about a knitting project with the same yarn...always fun!!! A big Facebook group - well I call over 200 people big - with everyone sharing their projects, chatting, laughing over jokes and excite for new yarns and knitting...it has all been a dream come true for me.
    But....what is next?
  • Do you have a knitting project list a mile long? Me too!

    If you are like me - and most knitters are I think - you have a list a mile long of projects you want to make. You may even have the yarn already sitting patiently in your stash, waiting to be the next projects deemed worthy of your time.
    Honestly, I think the planning is almost as fun as the knitting....
  • There is much more to 'The Wooly Cabin' than meets the eye...

    If you own a small business you know how much goes into it. There is much more than meets the eye.
    My business is no different. If you think I do all this alone, you are wrong....
  • Winter...Brr...time for curling up with a winter knit.

    Brr... it's cold here in Arkansas. Winter is here. I have completed my 'Winter Collection' of yarns this week. This set was so much fun to design and see take shape. Time to curl up with a cozy yarn and create..

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