Sheep Socks...who knew that would be popular.  I always thought my desire for some sheep and my own homegrown wool was held by only a few people, but I can see I'm not alone.  When I simply posted what I had been making for the May KAL/CAL on the group, lots of people wanted to make that too.  I wasn't expecting that one.  

When I started The Wooly Cabin, I dreamed about wool, spinning, my own sheep... it hasn't gone in that direction at all.  No sheep, no spinning, very little wool, but a lot of yarn!!  It sort of has a life of it's own.  Sometimes I don't even feel in control of it.  Oh, I try to steer people this way or that way, I try to advertise what I want to sell, but crafters have their own ideas - some of them very good - about what they want and when they want it.  

The thing is fiber and wool just does something for me.  It is hard to explain unless you feel the same way.  The whole sheep to shawl ideas is the thing dreams are made of.  When I dye fiber it can be used so many ways.  You can spin it the way it was dyed, you could separate out the colors and spin them separately, you could mix it on a blending board or drum carder- woolen/worsted...., you could spin it will another color roving for a different look, you could ply it with black or grey or white or another roving all together, or you could felt it and not spin it at all... the list goes on and on.  When I dye wool I think of the possibilities and it is exciting to me.  It feeds my soul.  I don't know how else to explain it.  

Don't get me wrong, there are many creative people doing amazing things with yarn as well, it just doesn't do the same thing for me.  I wish I had a better way to explain this.  It is sort of like bread.  Some people are satisfied to buy store bread.  Some people feel more 'wholesome' when they buy bakery made bread.  Some people feel so satisfied to bake their own bread, but then some people really feel like they complete the cycle by grinding their own flour to bake their own bread.  If you bake bread, you know that there is no substitute for the feeling of eating your own creation, or smelling it baking, of the feel of the dough when kneading.... it is a whole thing(can you tell I like to bake bread too?)  Wool to me is kind of like baking my own bread.  It is satisfying and there is nothing that completely is so fulfilling as preparing your own fiber, spinning your own yarn and making something out of it.  It would go all the way back to the beginning if I had my own sheep.  

Ok, some of you knitters and crocheters are out there thinking I've lost it.  But I also know there are spinners out there who completely understand everything I have said.  

Where will this lead????  I don't know for sure.  If you've been reading my blog posts,  you know that I am re-thinking everything.  I still am.  I am far from settled on anything, but I'm working through it all.  Does it depend on feelings?  Feelings are so fickle and unreliable and change.  But feelings are important too.  Where is the balance.  Do you base decisions on feelings?  How do you work through decisions like this?  Do you spin wool?  Do you have strong feelings about it.. or about something else that is similar?  Share below.  I'd love to know.