How about something light and enjoyable today.  Things have been a little heavy lately, so I think we are due.  

I have been doing some knitting and spinning lately.  All is right with the world when I can sit down and spin awhile.  And sometimes a person likes the use someone else's yarn!!!! Gasp...  Sometimes, even if you are a good cook, you like to eat out.  So that is what I'm doing.  I have some gorgeous yarns and fibers from others that I've been working with.  

First...I knit up my 'Day at the Beach' socks though.  They are bright and cheery and perfect for summer!!!

Then I had this pair of watermelon socks - 'Tutti Fruitti' from Regia - that I had one sock done, so  I knit up the other one.  Those ankle socks go so fast!

Now I am knitting the Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart.  The pattern was a little expensive, but I am really liking the shawl so far.  I like that it is a crescent shape and it isn't hard.  Some great TV knitting.  I'm using a yarn that I bought from another vendor- Wool Tree Yarn- in the East Texas Fiber Festival that is a merino/silk single blend that is naturally dyed with bamboo.  It's a very pretty shade of green and the yarn is so soft and drapey.  I rarely buy yarn anymore.  I shop my own shelves.  If I do buy yarn, I buy naturally dyed yarn or yarn in natural sheep colors.  I love the undyed colors, which I know sounds odd for a dyer, but there you go.  I buy yarns I don't dye myself.  Someday I will try natural dyeing though.  I have most of the supplies for it.  It is much too time consuming for production dyeing though.  Just for fun. 

On the spinning wheel I have finished spinning up my 'Cherry Cola' superwash BFL/nylon fiber from Greenwood Fiberworks.  I knew I wasn't spinning it up super fine, but I thought I'd have enough for socks and it is the perfect wool for socks, but...I don't have near enough for socks or most things.  I guess it will be a cowl or fingerless mitts.  I love the colors though. 

Right now I am spinning up some Grey Corriedale/sari silk batting called 'Fall Festival' from Lazy Livin' Fiber .  This is a fallish novelty looking wool and I felt like it wanted to be spun up chunky.  I don't usually spin chunky, but this was too lumpy for a smooth thin yarn.  I really like it and can't wait to see it plyed.  It is amazing how fast 4 oz. of fiber spins up chunky vs. thin.  I want to be able to consistently produce a worsted or DK or sock weight whenever I want to, but I seem to enjoy spinning about a sport weight and most things end up being this no matter what I'm trying for.  Working on that.  

That is what I've been up to.  It has been nice to take a little time to spin and knit.  I hope you have gotten time to do the same!