Hot...I'm sitting here sweating with the fan blowing on me, but I know it has been even hotter for so many of you this week.  I live in the South, so we expect it, prepare for it, have air conditioning for it.  I'd hate to think of dealing with this heat and humidity without any cooling.  Hang in there...fall is coming!!!  I guess you could say Christmas is coming here at The Wooly Cabin.  I have found that knitting up Christmas yarn, listening to Christmas music and especially reading The Long Winter will make you feel much, much cooler.  Try it!!! 

The article in Happily Hooked Magazine came out this week.  It was a really good feeling to see that in print, I have to say.  Their theme of the magazine was Christmas in July, so I decided to play along by releasing some Christmas yarns.  

July is a terribly busy month, but I don't really want to hash that over right now.  It's too overwhelming to think of every day in July all at once.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't meant to live them all in one day anyway.  

I have knit up my July socks using the 'Sailboats' yarn dyed on superwash BFL/nylon yarn.  I really liked this yarn for socks as it gives them a bit more sturdiness without being rough.  This is my new favorite sock yarn I think.  This is the yarn the new 'Cabin Christmas' sock yarn is dyed on.  I think I might try that one out too.  There are distinct advantages living with all this yarn around. 

I know not everyone is happy about the sock yarn switch to a slightly heavier yarn.  I have to say that this switch hasn't been fun for me either.  And, honestly, even the new yarn has issues.  I know the mill cut corners to make production with fewer people and shifts of workers during the Covid and this has made huge problems for me in dyeing.  I would almost rather just not be able to get the yarn at all than to get something that makes dyeing harder.  It is very frustrating.  Rest assured, that I am only selling yarns that are perfect in every way.  But to do this, I have had many skeins of waste because they didn't meet my standards.  It is Sad.  

That is all for today...try the cooling methods I suggested and report in.  Maybe it's just me....

(socks in picture knit by Lupe)