I know I have been sort of Missing in Action lately.  It started as a vacation, then a break, then a sabbatical...now...

I have news that probably won't make any of you happy, but I feel I owe it to you to explain.  First let me say that you all are THE most creative, encouraging, friendly, caring group of people I've had the privilege to know!  I have made what I consider great friends here.  However, I want to tell you that I have taken a nursing job in the Woman's Surgery Prep Center and will be doing mostly that. I will be able to work part time, clock in and clock out and have actual days off.   

I took a break and thought I would refresh, but what I realized is that I'm just done.  I may have burned myself out... I'm sure I over-worked myself.  It is just over.   

There are so many reasons why - some of which would shock you. I know I was ready to turn a corner into being much more well known, sell more yarn, be in more shops, etc, but all that means is more work.  I am only 1 person doing everything and I can't work any more than I already do.  I was working day and night as it was.  LIke I said, there are so many reasons.  

I would love to keep The Wooly Cabin Facebook Group going, so we can interact, share our projects and lives with each other.  It is a great place to hang out, honestly.  I hope we can continue to do that.  I'd hate to loose all my friends as well.  

To be clear - I won't be dyeing yarn.  I do, however, have about 500 skeins, plus  50 roving left in my shop, which will remain open until sold out.  There are many fallish colors there to check out.  And if you know anyone who wants to buy a yarn dyeing business, send them my way.  It would be everything - undyed product, dyeing equipment and booth display as well as photography equipment.  Everything you would need, except the name and dyed product.

Like I said, I know this will not be happy news for most of you.  I am truely sorry for that.  

If you have ordered an advent box - fear not.  This is my last great project.  They will be sent on time and will be wonderful!!!