I am back after my show.  It was a great show.  Well run, pretty good attendance since it was in high Covid territory, fun vendor talk.  It is always inspiring to chat with other vendors in the fiber world.  I learn so much and realize I'm not the only one doing this. 

Maybe little known fact...after the show there is a 'show high' where you are ready to go to another..now!  Following that, there is the 'show letdown', where you realize how tired you really are and there isn't another show right away and you don't get to talk to people.  

I do have plans for the future - other shows, fiber paths to go down, product ideas.... you get ideas at shows like this one.  However, July has absolutely burned me out.  I do everything myself and it has been a lot!  So I have decided to take a bit of a dyeing sabbatical.  Lest you panic, the shop is FILLED with gorgeous yarns - over 1000 skeins.  Even fall and Christmas ones.  There is enough to last quite awhile there.  I need to take a break if I'm going to continue this.  So, I will be 'around', I will probably even post.  I won't be dyeing new yarns and fibers right now.  I won't be doing custom orders.  I won't be dyeing wholesale orders.  For how long?  I don't know.  Until I feel better.  I have to take care of myself or The Wooly Cabin won't be around.  

I understand how you might feel about this, and trust me this decision was not made lightly.  It has just become apparent that I need to do this.  I hope we can all still be friends in the Facebook Group and chit chat.  I'm sure I will be dyeing yarn again.  I'm thinking a month off or so.  Stay tuned...