This week I read an article from Joshua Becker entitled, 'Do you Like The Person you are Becoming?' (I'll link the article at the bottom)  It really made me stop and think.  From the outside, we can all look so put together, so successful, so happy...but are we?  We may even be "successful" in the eyes of so many, but only we know the state of the mind, the state of our heart.  Success doesn't always feel good.  For a long time I thought it would, but I have come to realize that it doesn't always.  Oh sometimes success feels downright wonderful, but sometimes it feels bad, very bad.  

What does this mean for me...and you?  

For me, it means that I need to prioritize.  You know the example of the jar with the rocks.  You have to fit the big ones in first.  If you put all the little ones in first, you can't get the important ones in.  So I need prioritize and make sure the things important to me are getting in my life first and all the other things will fit in the cracks... or they won't... but I will have done the important things anyway.  

Specifically... ok, this is just one little example, but you will get the idea... I have decided that I am only going to knit the things I want to knit.  No matter if I "should" be knitting a sample with this yarn or that yarn, if I "should" have a hand knit sweater to wear to a show, if I should even knit with 'my' yarn - Eeekk!!!  So, I have ditched my sweater for now - probably forever - and am knitting a pair of socks that I've wanted to knit for awhile.  

When I was working as a nurse, the days were long, hard, arduous, exhausting.  I came home and could hardly eat before I went to bed.  I had nothing left for the rest of my life - my family, my hobbies, housework...nothing.  I left that job to dye yarn instead thinking that I could be more in control of my time, my life, my priorities.  And I can, but I'm not right now.  One has been replaced by the other.  I know I'm not alone in struggling with this.  Most of us have a hard time with what they like to call "work/life balance."  

I am thinking about what my 'big rocks' are.  What do I want to be sure I have time and especially energy for first?  What has to give?  What is important to me?  What is secondary?  What do I want to become?  

Maybe you do better at this than I do.  But, maybe not...What are your 'Big Rocks?'  How do you balance your work and your life?  

Link to article mentioned above:

 Do You Like the Person You Are Becoming? (