What week this was!!!  Some weeks you know are just downright dull.  Nothing new or exciting happens and you almost feel sluggish with the average-ness of it.  Then you have a week like I had this week and you long for the boring and dull.  

This week there were all manner of personal family crises.  I won't go into them here, but let's just say it was a good thing I was working from home so I was available at the needed times.  

Then there was the out-of-the-blue job offer.  There I was, scrubbing dirty dyeing pans, wearing my respirator, sweating...and the phone rings.  It was a local hospital offering me a job that I had interviewed for about a year ago and got, but didn't take at the time.  And they were offering me substantially more money.  I have never had this happen and never heard of it happening to any nurse.  I also didn't know nurses were making that kind of money in NW Arkansas.  It made me stop and think, I have to tell you.  

Selling on line is a fickle business.  One day you are very popular and sell a lot of yarn.  The next day... or week... or month.. no one seems to be buying yarn.  I always have to be promoting, thinking of new promotions, trying to sell myself and my yarn... it is constant.  Now I have had some great months of yarn sales this year, but May is not one of them.  So when this call came, it was and is very tempting.  I told them I would have to mull it over and get back to them.  

What will I do?  What will this mean for all of us?  What is the better thing, the better offer, the better life?  Those are very hard questions.  Ones not made lightly.  On the one hand, I have worked very hard to create, promote and build The Wooly Cabin from dyeing 2 skeins at a time in my kitchen to having 1,300 skeins available for purchase at any given time.  I have gone from an idea to a bonifide business that actually pays me a salary (although that goes up and down).  On the other hand, I never have a day off, I work constantly, there is the constant promotion thing that I talked about, the pressure to constantly be creative, being a sitting duck for all kinds of scammers (I know!!! who knew Etsy was a gold mine for people like this?)....On the other hand, it is nice to commute to my basement, be available at home if needed, work with my mom, talk with talented crafters, work with yarn....

So, I made up lists of pros and cons for taking/keeping each job.  There turned out to be an exact amount of pros and of cons for each job.  8 of each.  Sometimes when I do this I find out that there are way more pros for something or way more cons.  It is surprising, that is why I write it down to see.  But that didn't help much for this problem.  I waffled all week.  One day I was thinking yarn, the next day I was thinking nursing.  It was a stressful week. 

What will I choose?   At 2:30 this morning I suddenly knew.  I know I wanted to put color on yarn, I wanted to be The Wooly Cabin, I wanted to be able to be there for my family if and when they need me, I knew I didn't want to get up at 3 am to go to work,  I just knew.  But I also knew that there was the list of things I didn't like about dyeing yarn - those cons - and I need to work on those.  I will be changing some things to make this more enjoyable, so I don't burn out.  Then I spent the last several hours laying awake thinking about that.  I was up early today.