First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for being so supportive this past week of my last post and decisions I've made.  You are all so awesome!!!

On this site, it is impossible to tell how many people visit my blog post, so I had no idea so many people read this.  I never thought I would write all these things down.  You all know more about me than most people.  I'm usually kind of a private person, but I've bared my soul here in this blog more than once.  

This week, I have taken a bit of a break, which I think I needed.  A mental health day or two.  I have dyed up 'A Day at the Beach', which is the first 'Summer by the Lake Collection' yarn.  This one screams summer.  I have the other 2 planned and there is going to be a couple extra colorways thrown in, just because.  

I also dyed up a few custom orders this week.  The last ones.  I need to make some changes, and this is something that is going to go.  I will dye up orders for colorways I already have (that aren't OOAK) in large quantities or on other yarn bases when asked.  I won't be able to design custom colorways anymore.  This takes so much time and is far from time or money efficient, and honestly it's just not my favorite thing to do.   I'm sorry for any disappointment this causes, but honestly, if you shop my store you will find so many colorways there that often the custom ones were so similar to what I had already, I wondered why I was dyeing them.  There are over 120 colorways and over 1300 skeins available right now in my shop.  If you need help putting together colors or find things, I'm your gal.  I can photograph combinations for you and suggest ideas if you message me.  There have also been times that someone's personal desire for yarn color made it to a regular colorway in the shop, so feel free to suggest or request things. 

I have also bought a window air conditioner.  I am very hopeful that I will be able to dye yarn in the heat in relative comfort.  Fingers crossed....

These are the changes I have made so far - no custom orders, more cool air, and a mental health day or two.  It feels kind of good.  And the sun is shining today!!!  That always helps!!!! 

I hope your week was full of breaks and cool air too.  Thanks so much for reading!