So, I know you are surprised to hear from me again.  But... here I am.  

If you have been observant, you have noticed that The Wooly Cabin is open again!  No one is more surprised than me.  You never know where life will lead, no matter how well you plan.  

My Etsy shop and website are up and running, but you will notice a difference.  I plan to focus on my first love - wool and spinning.  I know most of you do not spin, and this is a great disappointment to you, but for the reasons I closed in the first place, I cannot go back there.  For one thing, the supply chain for yarn is horrible right now. Also, I cannot go back to business that ran me into the ground.  I'd rather make far less money and have fun, than make much more and be miserable.  You may see an occasional skein of yarn, naturally dyed yarn or  hand spun yarn listed, but the majority of what is available will be roving, rolags and batts for spinning or felting.  I may even branch out to selling spinning wheels and supplies and teaching spinning classes.  We will see.  

I plan for the whole pace of The Wooly Cabin to be different. The shop isn't very full yet, but I am planning to work at that at a pace that is enjoyable to me.  I'm approaching it from a different place this time and am excited about the possiblities.  

And, what everyone wants to know...the Facebook Group will not change.  We will still share what we make - no matter what that is, still a relaxed place to be without stress.  You may see a bit of spinning things posted her and there...who knows, maybe some of you will try out spinning too.