Black socks!!!???  Who in their right mind would try such a thing?  I guess I am.  I was enticed into such a thing by a friend of mine - you know who you are - and I realized I'd always wanted to knit a pair of black lacy socks but never dared do it.  It isn't as hard as you think as long as you don't have to see what you have knit.  If you just follow the pattern and do what you are supposed to on the open stitches, all is well.  If I mess up....well, I'm not sure then.  I'll need a very bright light I guess.  

I think I am in the stage of life where I am 'knitting black lace socks.'  I really can't see what things look like and I can't see how they will turn out, but I'm just doing the next thing in front of me.  Trying to make something creative, but taking my time and hoping it turns out well in the end.  

It certainly is 'dark' out there.  Keep your Bright Light on and keep plugging along.