My exciting news this week is that I've become a Spinolution Dealer!!! I am very excited to be able to offer the wheel I love to you.  There are many, many wheels out there.  All different types with advantages and disadvantages and often I could make more money selling those, so why am I selling Spinolution?  I can only sell what I would love to have myself.  This goes for roving and batts as well as spinning wheels.  If it isn't something I love, then how can I promote it as wonderful for you?  

When I learned to spin it was on a wheel that was good at the time, but became and adjustment nightmare.  It was constantly loose and wobbly, running away with itself on the floor when I treadled, needed lots of maintenance - oiling, adjusting, replacing... and when I would break the yarn and have to start again, it had to be threaded through an oriface with a hook and would keep breaking.  Then changing a bobbin was even worse because you had to take a lot of things apart and then put them back together and readjust the tension.  It was basically hard to use.  Now don't get me wrong, lots of people use and like this wheel (which I'm purposely not tell you what it was), but it was frustrating to me with it's string and cuphooks.  Then, I saw a Spinolution wheel.  First, I thought it was beautiful, with the light wood and always prefinished (which many wheels aren't).  Then I saw someone change a bobbin on it and it was one piece off with a magnet and the bobbin was off and the new one on and then the magnets clicked, the yarn was over the hook and they were off spinning again.  It was so simple.  No tweaking, and changing things everytime you needed a new bobbin.   The wheels never need oiling - in fact you don't ever oil them.  They are sealed ball bearing wheels that last and last. And those bobbins!!!  16 ounce is standard on the Bullfrog!  I was tired of barely eeking on my 4 ounce braid on those small bobbins.  Now I could spin as much as I wanted at once and never worry about space.   I knew that was the wheel I wanted.  I looked at many different kinds to make sure before I purchased, but none had the simplicity of use as the Spinolution did.  

Now, I know everyone has different likes and tastes on these things.  People have preferences that are not mine.  It's ok.  I don't try to change people's minds.  But if you want simple, beautiful and wheel that will last, Spinolution is the one.  

I wish you all could come over and spin and try them out.  If you do happen to be local, let me know if you want to do this.  I would love to make a video for you to 'show' you the wheel you are interested in or chit-chat about it.  Just let me know.  The first wheels I'll have in stock to try are the Pollywog, the Echo, and my beloved Bullfrog.   Look for the listings in my shop very soon!!