This is a rambling of plans I have for The Wooly Cabin...thoughts and ideas...

Recently, I posted a few Spinolution Wheels in my shop.  So far I have posted just the ones I'm going to have as sample wheels.  There will be more added.  I've posted the Pollywog - a small, affordable starter wheel, the Bullfrog - the wheel I have and love, that folds for travel and spins everything with the Lazy Kate attached, and then the Echo - more of a studio wheel, but can travel as it's the same weight as the Bullfrog.  It just doesn't fold, but can have a variety of options added.  If you are looking for a wheel, please contact me - especially before ordering- so we can narrow down which would be best for you and get the options you want. Feel free to go to and poke around and see what fits you. There is a ton of information there. 

 Don't know how to spin?  I would love to teach you.  We could do in person lessons if you are resonably close or arrange some other on line lesson if you are far away.  Message me if you are interested.  

I'm also planning a Tour de Fleece activity for July with spinning, fun, challenges and of course prizes!  If you spin, plan to join us.  As always, low pressure, just fun.  I might even do a knitting/crochet option- the only one like it.  Still formulating plans.  

I'm thinking of a Spinning Advent Box.  I have ideas formulating already - colors, goodies, ideas... The numbers will be very limited to preserve me sanity and creativity.  Maybe I'll even give myself one.  I never do that and am always sorry later.  

Other plans... I have many things that run through my mind...color ideas, activities, ideas, classes... I constantly work on these things.  I've found I'm not a very good activity director.  Not the party planner that some people are.  Wish I were.  If you have ideas for the group, please let me know what they are.  I know some of you are really good at this sort of thing.  

The Facebook Group - I am not planning at anytime, to eliminate everything but spinning.  As you can see this is sort of a focus for me right now, but I surely want everyone to post their projects no matter what fiber craft they are.  I will always be knitting something - especially socks, and I hope you will show what you are doing as well.  The Facebook Group is for fun and fellowship, that will never change.  

Thanks for reading my ramblings.  I hope your week is filled with loads of crafting time!